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James Kingans & Sons

Sawmill, timber and pallet merchants

Est 1860

We have our own treatment facilities on site for pressure treatment with preservatives to prevent fungal and insect attack. The chemical used is Wolmanit CX-8 produced by BASF.

The process used is the vacuum pressure process and involves 4 stages:-

  • Initial Vacuum to remove as much air as possible from the cells.
  • Flooding of the vessel with chemical whilst still under vacuum.
  • Pressure Period where chemical is forced into the timber.
  • Final vacuum to remove excess chemical.

Full details of the chemical and process can be found on the Wolmanit web site at

As well as treating our own production we are also able to treat timber for other parties. If you would like to discuss anything regarding our treatment please telephone us or e-mail us at

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate number FM 26811
Company Number: SC024140