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James Kingans & Sons

Sawmill, timber and pallet merchants

Est 1860

One of our key strengths is the flexibility of our production machinery which allows us to produce sawn timber to virtually any size. If you have any unusual requirements we will do our best to produce them for you.

Large sections

We are able to produce sections up to 300mm x 300mm.

Long lengths

We are also able to produce lengths up to 9.0 metres.

Douglas Fir

We usually have logs available for special requirements.


A large proportion of our production is Larch which has a higher natural resistance to rot than most softwood species.


As well as producing timber for our own pallet production we also supply  palletwood  to other pallet manufacturers and can produce both standard and non standard sizes in full or mixed loads.


We are producing large quantities of woodchip on a daily basis from our normal production. These are mostly supplied to chipboard manufacturers but are available for landscaping.

We are able to deliver in lorry loads if required but are happy for customers to collect for smaller quantities.


If you would like to discuss any requirements please telephone us or send an e-mail to

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate number FM 26811
Company Number: SC024140