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James Kingans & Sons

Sawmill, timber and pallet merchants

Est 1860

Having our own sawn production, and with experience of producing timber pallets for almost 50 years, we are an ideal partner for any industry requiring a reliable pallet supplier.

We currently supply a wide range of customers, from those who only require a few pallets once or twice a year, to those that require up to 1000 pallets per week.

All our pallets are custom made to suit the specific requirements of the end user, and range from standard pallets to elaborate customer specific designs up to 3.7m long.

Heat Treatment

Current regulations require timber and timber packaging being exported to most countries outside the European Union to have been heat treated.

Full details about these requirements can be found on the Timcon website.

We have our own kiln and are able to supply pallets to meet these requirements branded with our unique number (FC0189).

If you would like us to look at your requirements please telephone us or send an e-mail to

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate number FM 26811
Company Number: SC024140